The Polls Are In!

The Polls Are In!
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So, it’s been two days since the biggest, most controversial election that most anyone has ever seen. As it would also be obvious to say that I feel this election has proven to be the most undemocratic election that I have ever witnessed. We are the most dominate force in the world and this is what our government offers us!
Before I continue, I would like to give applause and a moment of prayer to all of the activists out on the streets throughout the country exercising their 1st Amendment rights of freedom of speech and the right to assemble. I implore you all to please continue to manage our protests in the civil fashion that we have. I am sure that we all have our reasons to reject the system of government that has been imposed on us and that is our right to do as such, but please let me take this moment to assure you that the victory we all want to see will not be won with physical violence. It absolutely will not. Every time we as activists respond with physical hostility, it only creates an immediate need for police and security intervention and that is a lose, lose scenario for everyone.
There is a common saying that goes “The darkest hour is just before the dawn”. Never lose hope friends. This year’s election is and has been a complete botchery from beginning. Anyone who has been watching this knows that Senator Sanders would have won this election by a landslide had it not been for corrupt intervention from the DNC.
OK… so here is what it boils down to…
If we want to see the change that everyone is ranting about we have to establish our own method of voting and verification of voting. That is the last line of defense for government, that at the end of the day he who counts the votes has all of the control. This used to be a big deal breaker because of the need for paper balloting which is difficult, confusing, and easy to smudge… Kicker Alert! We no longer need paper ballots, we don’t need voting machines, we are in a new ballgame and our government knows it.
This beautiful soap opera of an election that has been orchestrated and played out on the big screen for all of us has been done in such a way that all current and former forms of government corruption are on open display for all of us to view.
So, I guess this is a good stopping point for now, but not before I give another shout out to every activist that has put more than 5 minutes of effort into influencing the progressive changes that many people have been fighting their whole lives for.
FYI: I’ll be here all day!
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Corruption, Illegitimacy, and Ineffectiveness.

I keep trying not to write anything else about this years election, well simply because I think I have already covered quite a bit and I do not want to take away from the relativity and effectiveness of my primary topics of large money out of elections, cannabis reform and civil rights reform.  But this seems to be the best way for me to sleep at night is to get my thoughts in writing and then once it is in writing in only seems to make sense to post up, so here goes round 5!

The Adkins for Governor Campaign has begun to build momentum. We now have some great campaign volunteers and it is getting closer and closer to the big day so I feel it is time to start summarizing some of the hard line issues that propelled me into this campaign in the first place.

I am sure by now that a majority of our citizens remember the RFRA (Religious Freedom Restoration Act) debacle.  I was literally beside myself watching the elected Governor of our wonderful state actually go on live television and even discuss the notion that businesses should have the right to refuse a person over his gender preference due to a religious belief.  My friends that kind of rhetoric was supposed to have been long since expired. Discriminating against any class of people for a religious belief has a very specific definition and it is called “persecution” and this state and our culture is better than that and will not stand for it.

What is more interesting about the time period of the RFRA debacle is the fact that an 80 year old collective bargaining agreement was overturned with “Right to Work” legislation which in turn lowered the wages and effectiveness of labor unions in our state. This legislation was slid directly underneath the nose of the public due to the outcry of protests against RFRA. Seems fishy right…

And before I move on, let’s not forget the damage that has been done to Planned Parenthood. If we really  want to reduce abortions and STDs in low income neighborhoods then government supported healthcare for low income women and mothers is critical to the health and well being of those communities. The attacks made against Planned Parenthood from the GOP is appaling.

Bringing up these three topics only scratches the surface of a list of topics that provides overwhelming evidence that our government is not and has not been effective at its primary job of creating a prosperous world full of equality, safety, a quality standard of life for all citizens and seeing as how it has been effective at allowing nearly all of the new wealth in our country to rise straight into the hands of the wealthy and just about completely by-passing the hands of the majority  seems to be a pretty darn strong indicator of the illegitimacy of today’s government.
This article of compiling examples of corruption, illegitimacy, and ineffectiveness of government could clearly become a book of its own with other topics like: legalizing short barreled shotguns, allowing unlimited amounts of money into elections (that means they are being bought and not won), restricting grassroots effectiveness in elections by ignoring non major party candidates and not allowing them into debates are still only a few of the many relative topics in this category.

The real kicker out of all of this is that most of the above referenced topics are topics that have actually been discussed, argued and implemented.  Let’s think just for a quick moment of all the topics that are not being discussed like:

Stagnating wages for the working class

Non violent or victimless incarceration

Lack of transparency in government

Largest gap of inequality since The Great Depression

Cannabis legalization

Trade agreements that erode the jobs and living standards of the working class while enriching the wealthy

Corporate tax loopholes

Clean Renewable Energy (solar, wind, water)

Excessive cost of living –(Education, Healthcare, Energy)

Air and water quality

The book on elections and campaigning should be taking a sharp turn towards a more equal and opportunistic world starting this year as long as we, The People, The Workers, The Majority stand up and perform our civic duties and let our elected officials know that we are watching and we are ready to do our part to make this better world appear for us, our friends and family and our children.

PSA 4 – When swinging for the fence, always make sure to use both hands.

Topics covered: Healthcare, minimum wage, cost of living, clean energy, jobs and businesses

Spoiler alert! I have a pretty good feeling as to why Bernie Sanders backed off of his campaign. Yes, I’m sure that some of you may already be aware of this, and some may just be getting onto the 2016 election train.

By Bernie Sanders stepping away from his campaign it has now created a vacuum for the type of movement that is going to be necessary to implement the changes that our nation wants to see. As Senator Sanders has already stated: It doesn’t really matter who is in the White House unless there is enough support behind and around him to bring the desired changes all the way through to implementation.

The problems that we are seeing with large multi-national corporations have been there for possibly a hundred years or more. The only difference is now there is nowhere for the MNCs to hide them.

The healthcare system in our country in comparison to other established countries is a bust. The cost of healthcare is through the roof. The cost of health insurance is through the roof (unless you’re already working for a large corporation. Hmm..). The cost of medication is through the roof as well. So what in the world are we paying our elected officials to do? There has been an attack on a public option for healthcare for as long as I can remember and we don’t really seem to be any closer to a fix.

If the primary job of our elected officials is to preserve life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness to all Americans, then I would like to extend a letter grade of an F to our two party system. Let’s look at this in another way, what is really needed for a peaceful life? For starters, it’s not a big house, 3 cars, a vacation home and a 40 hour work week. Let’s start with the basics: like clean air, clean water, healthy food, a safe living environment, education, friends and family.  

I am also well aware that even though our society is becoming more and more efficient every day, these items obviously will not produce themselves, but it will never require every adult in the nation to work a 40 hour week to make these things happen.  If we again address the topic of “what really is government’s job”, we find that liberating people and regulating corporations are exactly what the original Constitution and Bill of Rights were written for. The unfortunate part of it all is that things have always happened in cycles, and the last time the level of inequality in our land was this great we were in the middle of the Great Depression. My friends, as I have mentioned before, there is a better way and now is the time to begin the process of bringing that new world to the front.  I remember reading one time that “We get the government that we deserve”. It seemed pretty cruel to listen to at first, but after continuing to think about it, it seems like a notion that might actually be playing out right now on the grand stage right in front of us.

To this day, I am still yet to find a true Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton supporter and yet every “poll” that we hear or read about says that over half of our nation is either voting for one or the other. Seeing as how I am not currently in government and am given the same information as the rest of the population, I would hope that this type of rhetoric from our government and private media would fuel or stimulate large amounts of activism in our country, which I do believe is happening.  But in order for the people or the majority or the working class to get the representation they want in office, we the people are going to have to make that happen. We do that in 3 different ways: voting, getting involved in civic duties and talking about politics. The reason that we got into the position that we are in is I believe that we allowed too few people to influence the regulation of too many things while everyone else was watching cable tv, vacationing, and enjoying all of our wonderful entertainment activities in our society.

Thankfully now that propagating information to the masses just took a big cost reduction, we all get to be a part of the media and call out corruption where we see it and keep building records of our own.

Now that it has become apparent that there really has been a global economy that has been very efficient at lining the pockets of the already wealthy fortunate class, but has somehow slowly eroded the basic living standards for the average man or woman it is now time for us to take a good look at the system as a whole and really come together on what our government should look like in this new world.

For starters, I see energy production on the verge of taking a big turn into solar farming and wind energy. We can actually begin this in small areas around our community and plug it directly into the energy grid and in the end creating cheaper, more efficient, clean energy for everyone, while at the same time creating jobs for the local citizens. It’s the same when it comes to agriculture or produce. There are certain things I feel there should be an abundance of like food, clean water, clean air, energy and education. I also think that the tools are now or soon will be in place to make this happen. As we continue to strive to create an abundance of these items, the cost of living to the modern man (or woman) goes down, therefore creating what freedom truly is. Freedom is the ability to enjoy your children and loved ones without the concern of what happens if your child gets sick or if I lose my job or how to get enough money to pay the electric bill.  Freedom is the ability to download any book you need at a very low cost because all data is now being saved into online documents which pretty much eliminates all of the costs associated with printing and distribution.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that it seems to me like corporations have been using the working class of our country like a door mat for far too long and our government has been allowing them to do it.  And if you want to see it fixed in your lifetime, then I suggest you get involved right away and do your part so both you and the next generation can benefit from all of our efforts.

I’m sure I have more to say, but this seems like a good stopping point.


The Revolution Continues

So after bearing through as much of the Republican and Democratic, tax payer funded circus style conventions that I could handle over the last week and a half, I believe that I have hit my boiling point..

Most of my writings are intended to be written in such a way that all people interested in politics can relate and understand and not just the political pundits out there. So, if this comes out as entry level for some, please know that a big part of my campaign is to get every citizen of our state over the age of 18 involved into the system, involved into public works, and involved into the community at some level.


So it turns out after all this time the Republican and Democratic Parties do NOT actually own our government. I know that it clearly appears that way, seeing as how we the tax payers are paying for these ridiculous, circus style conventions, but they don’t. Now if we were to look back into the past, say 4, 8 or 16 years ago a majority of our information, especially political came from either newspapers, or television. Well, now that we are all getting the picture that the same people who control and influence those outlets have been the same people controlling and influencing our government for a very long time. If you were to ask an average person just a few years ago how to get into politics either locally or nationally, I believe a majority of the responders would have stated to contact either the Republican or Democratic Parties because they are running everything. That thinking and activity has to stop immediately. 


While we are in this revolutionary period, it is important to know and embrace the notion that social media has taken the “influence of media” away from the rich. (I am actually yelling and jumping up and down right now, but it doesn’t look as good on paper when I start using all caps). This is truly the greatest news of the century folks. We may not get all the kinks straightened out this cycle, but believe it all the way down to your soul that the days of equality and lower living costs are on their way!

Now is the perfect time to see exactly what the Republican and Democratic conventions are held for.

Thinks like:

1. Name recognition

2. Manufactured consent  

3. Fundraising

4. Political dominance

My friends, none of these have anything to do with democracy. When I hear the people talk, they want to hear about topics like ending private prisons, clean air and water, the end to victimless incarceration, lower living costs, and always education. And after sitting through the painful hours of propaganda by both parties, there are still so many topics that are just being left unsaid. I mean comon, you had a frigin week to get to it, and to most it still sounds like static and lip service. Both parties are on the virge of losing nearly all confidence in nearly the whole country and they aren’t even done yet ( I personally believe they already have but we’ll just have to go with those top notch CNN polls for now).

As many of my followers know I am running for Governor for the State of Indiana and seeing as how my competitors have raised millions of dollars each by wealthy donors from various places, they have been able to fund campaign staff, plaster the television with tv adds and generate all the name recognition that they can get their hands on. This clearly supports the notion that elections are completely unfair and non democratic.  As of the way it appears today, the only way into politics is through the old parties (the Dems and the Reps). If the working class is going to get the representation in government like they want, WE have to start establishing the rules for which people are elected and get involved into the system. Why on earth would the rich and wealthy want to pay millions of dollars to a person or campaign to run for a position that is supposed to be, well in basic terms, the job of a sheriff?  Seems fishy to me as well.

So, if my competitors, @JohnGregg or @EricHolcomb would like to adopt the notion that we should not be allowing huge sums of money to enter our elections and would like to join me in beating a trail to restoring the peoples liberties and freedoms given to them by none other than god himself, then I will be glad to endorse them and support their causes, but if their practices are going to be to continue to ignore me, ignore my message and keep playing the same old worn out games, then you are in for a real treat.

#justgettingstarted #changeiscoming #changeisnow





At age 20, Jack A. “Adam” Adkins began serving in the U.S. Army for the Military Intelligence Battalion at Ft. Drum, NY. Six years later, Adam was successful in building a $750,000 custom home on time and under budget. Adam has spent the last 16 years as a small/midsize business owner in the Indianapolis area, successfully creating more than $1 million worth of annual construction sales for five consecutive years.

Adam founded DSI Construction Services after gaining many years of construction management experience under the mentorship of his father, the late Jack D. Adkins. J. Adkins Construction was founded in 1993 with a focus of providing quality construction services in Indianapolis and surrounding areas. After the death of his father, a great man and industry leader, Adam was asked to pick up the torch and continue where his father left off.

For the last seven years, Adam has worked to ensure that all his employee co-workers are treated in such a way that will promote future prosperity in the marketplace. He has accomplished this goal by educating the staff and supporting a “ground-up” mentality that brings all associates and team members to their maximum potential, in turn allowing the company to grow with the resources it has developed along the way.


Over the last seven years, Adam has also taken a great deal of his available time and devoted it to youth development and community involvement. As a former baseball coach at several levels, he keeps his troops actively involved with multiple networking groups such as The Exchange Club of Speedway and The Freemasons of Indiana.

His remaining time is spent keeping actively involved in  extracurricular activity such as soccer, baseball, and gymnastics and any other opportunities that arise that promote a strong foundation for his kids and other youth in the community to help them prosper as future citizens and leaders of Indiana!

Platform topics


Campaign Reform: Set spending caps on elections

The problem we are seeing with our modern election laws is that, based on current rules, there are no limits on how much money an eligible candidate can raise to promote his or her campaign. This becomes problematic for many reasons, but primarily it’s the fact that this scenario prevents other eligible candidates from being noticed due to the amount of traffic and attention that can be purchased through television commercials, phone banking, paid ground forces, and an active campaign committee. This dire problem strikes deep at the heart of what our democracy is supposed to be.

Without intervention by the citizens of our state, large donations from wealthy business owners and corporations will once again flood Indiana’s 2016 campaign for governor. And if we allow the person who makes the biggest promises to the wealthiest people in our state to be elected again, we will continue to see the same “lip service” from the same type of people. The worst part? When the person with the biggest pockets gets to choose our elected officials, the working class loses its much-needed voice in the fight.

Civil Rights Reform: This is the 21st century, not the 19th

For all of my years of living in our wonderful state, I have always known Hoosiers to be hospitable and eager to assist all our friends and neighbors regardless of nationality, race, age, education level, gender preference, sexual identity, or religious preference. It brings me great personal sorrow to have to even discuss the notion that, under a restrictive Mike Pence Administration over the last two years, we have been launched backward some 60-plus years where suddenly – and disgustingly – discrimination is back on the front page again.

The rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer, and lines of division are being created more than in any other time. Indiana is a wonderful state with many truly spectacular people, yet the latest activity coming from our Statehouse does not reflect the will of a majority of our citizens.

“Hoosier Hospitality” once was this state’s undeniably proud slogan, and I believe it should be brought back. But this time, with more color and diversity.

Hemp/Cannabis Reform: Unleash the crops!

Indiana always has been mightily strong with its agricultural resources. Hemp is the nation’s next major cash crop, and our state is missing out on the next wave of progression by allowing dark money to lobby and prevent the reform of our state laws to allow farmers to cultivate this wonderfully versatile plant within our boundaries.

The fact that there has been a virtual war being fought against one of the most peaceful, resourceful, and beneficial plants known to mankind for more than 85 years is clear evidence that the government is working very well, indeed, for those who can afford to influence it – and not for struggling Hoosiers forced to live the lives of outlaws by denying its many benefits to align with an ever-evolving society.

For more info on Adkins for Governor, please contact: 

Adam Adkins

facebook, twitter, linkedin

8206 Rockville Road #217

Indianapolis, In 46214


A new type of political party

Well today is a benchmark day for Indiana to determine how much organized activism we have in our state, and from what appeared to be a day to celebrate the progression of the legalization of a harmless, medicinal plant, turned into a situation where we seen that if we as a culture do not take an active role in uniting our ideas and thoughts, special interest money will continue to corrode our legislative system.
The Republican Party has shown time and again that they want nothing to do with any concept of changing our laws on cannabis and the Democratic Party isn’t doing much more. With all of the evidence of the benefits of cannabis reform and nothing being done about it in our state is clear evidence to me that money from the super rich is still holding back the progression in Indiana that we are already seeing in over half of our country now.
Last I checked, over 60% of the eligible voting population in Indiana declare themselves as an Independent. That’s roughly 3 million people who do not declare either party as a preference. The only problem to this is that even in small numbers, both the Democratic and the Republican Party are excellent at what they do and they hold a lot of influence.
This is not the end of the world folks. They are winning by playing the same games that they have played for years. If they control the media, and they have financial influence, then we use the tools we have to fight back. These tools are getting stronger every day friends, and all we need to do is realize it and become what will soon be described as a new type of political party. This kind of party doesn’t need money, but it does need to assemble to stand up for our causes. By doing this without money and without mainstream media, we literally change the world and get control back over our state house.